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Designer Highlight: Deborah Meyer’s Fine Jewelry Collection

Designer Highlight: Deborah Meyer’s Fine Jewelry Collection  Deb M (2)-39

Written by: Jackie LeBental, Trends Editor
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When someone has passion for her craft, you can see it and feel it. For the last three years I have been following Deborah’s jewelry journey, watching her develop her design aesthetic like watching a flower bloom. It is very exciting to see a designer create their first collection pieces.

Each unique piece is handcrafted in her studio using ethically sourced materials, hand chosen gemstones and oxidized silver infused with 22k gold. Deborah’s collection is comprised of artisan touches and organically modern textures creating one of a kind piece.

Inspired at an early age by watching her mother carefully choose the perfect jewelry for her Saturday date night with her father, she discovered that jewelry had an important part in a woman’s wardrobe. Observing the magic that jewelry created for her as a child, prompted her to follow her passion of jewelry design as an adult.

This driven and genuine artisan designer is one to watch as she masters her skill of design and delivers the world with her own jewelry magic.

She firmly believes that “When you love someone, you give them jewelry. Always” This motto stems from her love of jewelry and wanting individuals to experience the magnetism that jewelry brings to her.

Featured piece: A collection of bangle bracelets created with 22k gold, oxidized silver and hand chosen gemstones.

Find Deborah’s collections at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC.

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